The ACE Aternus collection in 3D. Modelling, texturing, lighting and animation. On this page a selection of all the imagery created. To see the collection presented, check the TW STEEL website. To watch the animation, scroll down.

The collection included three different type of watches with a total of sixteen variations, all build up from a technical drawing and an Illustrator document as (color) reference.

Eight variations of a Swiss made quartz chronograph watch with closed back for men. Six variations of a Swiss made automatic watch with open back for men. Two variations of a Swiss movement quartz watch with closed back for women. The variations are made with different type of dials, backs (open/closed), straps (leather/metal), materials and colors.

All the 16 different styled watches are rendered in 5 different poses and a 360ยบ video to showcase on their website. As well as a collection of mood images and a full HD animation to introduce the collection.

Credits to Organism Studios for the great help.

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