3D designer / digital designer / software specialist.

Broad knowledge of and experience with print (DTP) and digital design.

Due to a fascination with 3D design, games and animation, the focus has shifted over the years to a complete 3D workflow: from sketching phase to post-processing and everything in between.

This has been a natural process from passion to profession. The possibilities of 3D software are limitless and offer enormous creative and technical solutions for (complex) design issues.

In addition to full command of the Adobe package, I have a lot of knowledge of software and hardware in general. In particular within the domain of digital design and software that supports the 3D pipeline.

3D generalist: Modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering and compositing.

Design Method

The 3D design/animation pipeline consists of pre-production, where the project is planned out and visualized; production, where all of the elements needed for the final design/animation are created; and post-production, where all of those elements come together to produce the final image.

Orientation | Pre-production:
In this phase, the focus is on mapping out the assignment. What wishes do you have? 3D design is custom work. It is therefore important that expectations are clearly agreed upon before we start working. After consultation, we draw up a document that clearly defines the assignment in terms of visual and technical requirements.

Sketch phase | Production:
Emerging from the orientation phase, the first draft. A rough elaboration of the final design/animation: modelling. Are all proportions and basic properties of the scene right? Before we proceed with texturing or lighting, it is important that the scene meets all the right requirements.

Realization phase | Production:
Final detailing of the 3D model(s) and scene. Materials are made and mood is set: texturing & lighting. A last version of the final design/animation is presented with sample render(s). From these renderings, final adjustments can be made regarding textures, lighting and render properties. Movement is added to the scene: animation.

Completion | Post-production :
Finetuning and testing of the design/animation. Stills of the final product are rendered and layered in post production: rendering & compositing.

Why Marvelous3D?

Marvelous3D has a great ability to empathize and is therefore able to transform ideas into wonderful imagery. Product, environment and asset creation: 3D design & animation for digital storytelling. The knowledge in the field of both soft and hardware is extensive, so a solution can always be found for your problems. 

Need help?

Some projects require a strategic approach with specific soft and/or hardware knowledge. A helping hand can always be offered in terms of knowledge and support. Do you want to learn 3D? A tailor-made course can be arranged.

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