These pictures are renders from a 3D environment of the city of Rotterdam, a collaboration with Printstudio-Rotterdam. Initially made for concept visualizations for a festival throughout a lot of hotspots in the city. The model is later used for multiple purposes: a VR application and architectural renders.

The city model is made with DEM earth technique and the buildings are made to scale. The parts of the city that lie outside the center were extracted / dowloaded from the Rotterdam 3D engine, after which the models had to be cleaned up because topology was very bad. Many iconic buildings and bridges in the inner city were custom modulated because they couldn’t be extracted from the Rotterdam 3D engine or
they came out of the engine with not enough detail.

It was a lot of fun to do, and it gave me a lot of knowledge about the aspects of 3D design, when creating a city on a real scale. Scroll down to see all the imagery, animation and texture experiments of the city.

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